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Posted: 09/08/20
Not just renewable energy, but global system change! A call to arms for a transformative approach to energy and a new society.
Posted: 08/08/20
Some Asian countries have effectively contained the disease, while others have dramatically failed. What’s behind the differences?
Posted: 04/08/20
The IPCC’s most extreme projection of the impact of global climate policies is tracking within one percent of actual results.
Posted: 20/07/20
Even low concentrations of pesticides can increase transmission and weaken efforts to control the second most common parasitic disease
Posted: 19/07/20
Six new books … Greta Thunberg’s story; Fighting corporate food systems; Revolutionaries on climate; Food and revolution; A case for meat; Our carbon world
Posted: 18/07/20
Documentary on ‘clean meat’ fails to question the technology’s rationale and blindly accepts dubious claims made by its promoters
Posted: 14/07/20
The Gates Foundation’s billion dollar project is a vicious circle that drives small-scale food producers further and further into poverty
Posted: 10/07/20
The damage caused by proposed deep sea mining projects can extend hundreds to thousands of feet up
Posted: 06/07/20
The Earth is warming at an astounding speed, equivalent to absorbing 907 times the USA’s annual energy use, far faster than biological species can adapt
Posted: 06/07/20
A special edition of Ecosocialist Bookshelf: six books we recommend for understanding the deadliest global health crisis of our time